Dropinsea plans to dedicate funds and knowledge to get broken boreholes operating again

Youth and Female Empowerment

Developing social enterprises

Transparency and Community Communication

With the counsels, community leaders and municipality, we’ll create one, unified water system.

This is beyond a
water venture or association

This is bringing great expectations, needed change and renewal upon a broken system. As straightforward as water as an asset may be, it's effects can go past instruction, time and changing existing conditions.

Dropinsea was started to address the inadequacies of clean water access in the network of Boschfontein, which has a population of 17000, 60% of whom cannot access water.

Municipal communication

We get together with the neighborhood administering body, to talk about the production of a joint money related profile for water source assets. from that point onward, we welcome a NGO that has involvement in the water space, to be accountable for the checking of any undertaking lifecycle. We get the metropolitan to illuminate the network about the undertaking to make mindfulness and welcome them for association.


One of our mentors disclosed to us that half of the water wanders tumble as a result of a nonattendance of community incorporation, which is the reason association is a basic starting stage for any affiliation. We have that as a primary concern, which implies that before teaming up with any community, we work to guarantee that there's a strong association between community people and its pioneers. System friendliness is basic to bring strong help and motivation in the midst of all periods of clean water improvement and care.

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With the assistance of an accomplished association, coaches, and business advisors, We work towards discoveries and review to make an answer in view of revelations about the area's history and the account of the water emergency. Every people group's water emergency is unique, so our group adjusts its answers suitably to exist network aggregates, future trusts informative development, and that's just the beginning – with the goal that we can gain from the past, fit answers for the present, and make an unmistakable way for what's to come.

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One Drop One Solution
Water or All

Working together, we can do more

Our social order has a commonplace water-related test that requires commitments on and past our capacity. In the same way as other different associations, we chip away at neutralizing reconsidering the wheel, we center around banding together with nearby

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Following Water Collective's approach, which in perspective of examination in the midst of the Discovery Phase; systems for enthusiastic water structures, money related fortifying, and upkeep guideline are made for each system. We also follow the affiliation which underlines reasonable game plans that are sensible for the advantage obliged.

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We place stock in opening up the characteristics of our area and filling in the central gaps to empower everyone to achieve our water vision. We envision that once those gaps are filled, as a system, we will work towards opportunity so we have a water structure that is self-guided by us and who and what is to come.

Current solution

Our momentum center is around helping the network of Boschfontein construct a solid water framework, by settling the already broken one through searching out the most reasonable and long-haul approach to utilize neighborhood instruments, supplies, specialists, and work to introduce boreholes and simply engaging and supporting community contribution. We aim to use and utilize the idea of handpumps.

This project is centered on the conviction that this water shortage

is caused by absence of assets, information and a social activist mentality. We are looking to duplicate measurably effective projects and centralize the networks to change the water community around business frameworks, with the goal of having enduring water streams for ages to come.

Work with us

Intended Impact By 2019

One drop One solution

Clean water supply to 17000 people

Fix 3 boreholes in Boschfontein

Impact 500 000 regional members


One drop One solution


Mentor and Advisor

Nzambi Mtee

Project Development
and Advisor


Project Development


Communication Mananger

Our members are an integral part of the project as they help in the running of things. They form part of the body of our organization and they are very important to us. We are taking stringent measures to engage them in the activities of the project instead of just telling them what’s happening. We want them to be more involved as they are leading the future of this organization. Including our members will ensure they stay and help in improving the project.


Determined to make a dependable water framework for 500 000 individuals.



We would truly love to thank our magnificent givers. These are the general population who are the blood of this undertaking and the reason we draw nearer to having a greater effect.

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