It goes out on a limb an extraordinary for the poor to accept that they will have the option to get spotless water. It takes a present for motivating individuals. Here and there it takes neighborhood gatherings with a genuine appealing feel to sell the possibility of thriving. Individuals must be always reminded about their obligation to work and who they do it for. Notwithstanding, when a source is introduced, it isn't simply inspiration that is yielded, yet the more prominent accept that change is inescapable.

Having water access changes everything. Access to water fuels health, hope, education, optimism, and prosperity. It boosts opportunities for everyone, especially women and girls. Children stay in school longer. Fewer people die of illness caused by contaminated water. Increased education and improved health bring economic prosperity to entire regions. Families have more time to work, play and simply spend time together.


DROPINSEA works to create a better life for the people in the Nkomazi region - People like Buhle Magagula in the Kamhlushwa Township, South Africa.

Buhle lives with her family and various family members to get by, and without water in her township, life is difficult. However, everything will change when DROPINSEA partners with Kamhlushwa’s district governance to build a water point in her township. She will no longer get sick from waterborne disease or spend hours each day fetching water.
In addition, she will grow up with the conviction that nothing is inconceivable, that in the event that one places their central core in bringing change, they can accomplish it. That all will be a result of the point of reference set by Dropinsea and the individuals attempting to help it.


We are on a mission to bring clean drinking water to thousands - millions of people. Our stakeholders give testimonials on the progress we strive to make towards our milestones. We can also attest more to our plans to bring water to even more Mpumalanga residents.

Much the same as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Dropinsea resolves to find a way to 'move the world onto a supportable and flexible way'. In addition to the fact that we work to bring water to some place, we likewise bring pride and progress. Dropinsea's goal is likewise to bring issues to light about the significance of water as an imperative component that produces riches and guarantees a prosperous future. It is to bring issues to light with the goal that open specialists, privately owned businesses, different associations, and the overall population know about the issue and need to take care of business.


Bringing issues to light-of, and battling, poor water supplies isn't simple. Water deficiency is as regularly financial or political as it is land and the utilization of information in more viable circulating. Along these lines, aggregate information helps in comprehension if any advancement is made and how it very well may be improved to better the circumstances. Deliberately, it prepares and work viably while being getting the a large portion of resources. Dropinsea attempting to work through more intelligent, information-driven arrangements and 'customized client commitment answers for totally battle water shortage.

Baseline data and Surveys are the trackers that we use to measure and show the impact you and us are making possible in our district and country where we work. These metrics can be explored and can give you and us all the measurements and data points that lead us toward a future where everyone has access to clean water.


Every Rand - Dollar you give to DROPINSEA multiplies. Our strategic partners such as communities, local governments, and local businesses also invest.
In addition, the health and economic benefits of investing in clean water is a seven-fold return, helping an investment like $50 multiply to $500!


Your support can make us make our community’s water crisis a problem of the past.

Run a race, climb a mountain, give up your birthday, or include Dropinsea on your wedding registry. Open the floodgates on your creativity and help us bring safe water to Nkomazi.

No matter what type of company you belong to, a partnership with Dropinsea will leverage your strengths into a real impact for thousands of people in our communities.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get your hands dirty — literally or figuratively — we’d love to have you as a volunteer. Join a committee, become an ambassador, or analyze data.

$20 - R286,00: Clean water for 1 person
$35 - R500,49: Clean water for 3 people
$55 - R786,49: Clean water for 4 people
$110 - R1572,98: Clean water for 9 people