Dropinsea dedicates funds and knowledge to bringing new water sources, mostly installing boreholes.

Youth and Female Empowerment

We thrive through inclusiveness. We are mostly dedicated to working with women and then the youth before anyone else.

Transparency and Community Communication

With the counsels, community leaders and municipality, we are working to create one, unified water system.

This is beyond a
water venture or association

This is bringing great expectations, needed change and renewal upon a broken system. As straightforward as water as an asset may be, it's effects can go past instruction, time and changing existing conditions.

Dropinsea was started to address the inadequacies of clean water access in the network of Boschfontein, which has a population of 17000, 60% of whom cannot access water.

How We Work

This project is centered on the conviction that this water shortage

is caused by absence of assets, information and a social activist mentality. We are looking to duplicate measurably effective projects and centralize the networks to change the water community around business frameworks, with the goal of having enduring water streams for ages to come.

Work with us

Intended impact

One drop. One solution

Continued clean water supply to Nkomazi people

Install water boreholes in Boschfontein and beyond

Impact over 500 000 regional members


Determined to make a dependable water framework for 500 000 individuals.



We would truly love to thank our magnificent givers. These are the general population who are the blood of this undertaking and the reason we draw nearer to having a greater effect.

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One drop One solution